Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Caden from the Black Isle
Passed his test with only 4 minors
Thank you once more for everything. I consider myself lucky to not only have had such a fantastic driving instructor, but also to have met someone with such great character, humility and patience. You are a credit to all those you teach. Thank you Caden

Alastair from AvochAlastair from Avoch
1st time pass with only 2 minors
Alastair s patience and calmness is the key to his success as a driving instructor. Any time I made a mistake, he would remain calm and helpful, getting me to think through what I had done so that I knew for the next time. His sense of humour and kindness was very reassuring during my lessons, and I felt that I knew him well by the time I passed my test. Learning to drive with Alastair was a joy. I couldn't recommend him more highly

Will from InvernessWill from Inverness
Passed with 5 minors in Inverness
Alastair was a fantastic driving instructor. He stayed calm and collected all the time and installed a great level of consistency in my driving. When mistakes were made in my driving Alastair was brilliant at talking them over and suggested different ways to minimise mistakes and better the driving. Would recommend to anyone looking to gain a real understanding of what is needed to pass a driving test and to drive well in the future

Andrew from FortroseAndrew from Fortrose
Passing 1st time with just 4 minors in Inverness
I was very nervous with driving when I started off, I could barely drive down a small country road without being in a cold sweat, however after consistent lessons and improvement I found my confidence building and my driving improving. Driving is one of the most useful skills a person can have and I am so glad that I learned before I left for Uni. Alastair was the best instructor for me as I can panic in situations however he was able to keep calm and work through difficult situations with me. A massive thanks! I love driving πŸ˜„

Molly from DrumderfitMolly from Drumderfit
Passed in Alness with just 6 minors
Alastair has been an amazing instructor and is such a lovely guy. After having 2 previous instructors who made me nervous he really helped to calm me down and build my confidence when I didn't think I d ever be able to drive confidently. He is extremely patient and helps you to fix silly mistakes while being really encouraging! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Would definitely recommend! Thank you so much Alastair.

Robert from Rosemarkie in InvernessRobert from Rosemarkie in Inverness
1st time pass
Alastair is a great driving instructor who will not just get you through your driving test but will also teach you good habits that will keep you safe in the future. He was very calm and patient with me and I felt comfortable the whole time. He really knows his stuff when it comes to the driving test, we went through many a mock test that were actual routes in use. When it came to the week before my test Alastair really made an effort to fit me in as many lessons as possible and I really appreciate that.
Thanks for being such a great instructor Alastair

Zara from FortroseZara from Fortrose
1st time pass in Inverness
Alastair is a great driving instructor. He was always calm and patient with me which was a big help in getting me through my test first time. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor.

Corina from FortroseCorina from Fortrose
Passed 1st time with only 4 minors in Alness
Alastair is a excellent instructor very patient easy going would defo recommend him for anyone who can get nervous, I wouldn’t of passed with out him helping every step of the way thanks again Alastair

Fantastic pass for Ruth in Inverness after working so hard. Super result.
Having previously had many driving lessons with other instructors and having found the process incredibly stressful and nerve wracking I started lessons with Alistair. From the very beginning Alistair was incredibly patient, supportive and understanding of my needs. I was terrified of driving but over a series of lessons Alistair helped me work through those fears at my own pace taught me how to drive a car (not just how to pass the test). There is no way I would have passed without his help and I would recommend him to anyone, especially for those nervous drivers!! Thank you Alistair!!

Lewis from AvochLewis from Avoch
Passed 1st time with in Inverness with only 5 minors
My experience of learning to drive with Alastair Field was an enjoyable and incredibly fulfilling  experience. Learning to drive can be overwhelming and a bit confusing at times, so learning to drive correctly and safely is vital. A lot of it comes down to the instructor and the way they teach you. From the word go Alastair made me feel at ease. Alastair took me from being heavy footed and sketchy to be being a well rounded confident driver. Alastair accommodates how you drive and how you want to be taught, from going through it in the information book beforehand to just getting out on the road and getting experience. If you’re looking for a driving instructor, I would highly recommend Alastair Field

Beth from North KessockBeth from North Kessock
Passed with only 2 minors in Inverness receiving this lovely comment from the examiner "I haven't felt so comfortable during a test"
Learning to drive with Alastair really helped my confidence as a nervous driver. He put me at ease completely which allowed me to concentrate and drive to my full potential. Having failed with another instructor previously, my confidence was completely knocked. Alastair helped me build this up again and I couldn't recommend him enough! Thank you! 🚘

Alice from WyndhillAlice from Wyndhill
Passing in Inverness with only 4 minors
Learning to drive with Alastair really helped my nerves and confidence. Having the chats at the end of each lesson helped me focus on the areas I needed to improve.

Bryn from CromartyBryn from Cromarty
Passed in Alness with just 4 minors
Alastair is positive, firm and easy to get on with as a driving instructor. Even when I failed he was very encouraging and gave me the confidence I needed to try again. Not only  did he make sense, he made driving less stressful and tense as I thought it would be, he helped me recognise and correct my errors which was critical to passing my test.

Thanks Alastair

Sarah from StornowaySarah from Stornoway
Passed with just 3 minors in Inverness
Alastair, thank you for teaching me how to drive and being patient with me the whole time. I learned a lot from start to finish. Thank you.

Margaret from FortroseMargaret from Fortrose
Passed her test in Alness
After years of giving up and believing I would never be a capable driver, lacking in confidence, full of nerves, I found Alastair. A truly fantastic instructor, finding a way to teach me to drive that helped me relax and understand and also helping me to believe in myself. Alastair has a very friendly, calm, patient manner and I know that without his continued support I would not have succeeded. I recommend Alastair a 5 star driving instructor.

Great drive from Lily to pass first time with only 2 minors in Inverness
I found Alastair to be very relaxed, helpful and encouraging whilst I was learning to drive. Thank you for a fast and successful pass. I would definitely recommend.

Lewis from North KessockLewis from North Kessock
Passed 1st time with only 2 minors in Inverness and only 6 hours coaching
Great instructor, always felt safe, would recommend to anyone.

Passed with just 3 minors in Inverness
Thank you for getting me ready for my test and passing

David from BeaulyDavid from Beauly
Passed the new test in Inverness
I would like to say a very big thank you to Alastair for teaching me how to drive and pass my test. I would highly recommend Alastair to anyone looking for a reliable friendly and patient instructor. Thanks again and hopefully will see you on the road soon.

Malin from FortroseMalin from Fortrose
Passed with only 3 minors
Alastair is a great driving instructor. He is very patient and encouraging. I was very nervous and scared before I started learning to drive with him. I felt safe driving with him and my confidence gradually built up. I just passed my test. Thanks Alastair!

Adam from Muir of OrdAdam from Muir of Ord
1st time pass in Alness on new test format
It was very relaxed and you made it easy to learn. I also loved the chats at the end to know what I really did need to work on and rating it helped with perfecting the different skills

Freya from KilcoyFreya from Kilcoy
Passed 1st time with only 3 minors in Inverness
Learning to drive with Alastair was a great experience. His patience and quiet calm manner helped me overcome my nerves and progress quickly. I would definitely recommend his instruction.

Meryn from BarraMeryn from Barra
Passed 1st time in Inverness
Being someone who has difficulty with learning practical tasks, I was very apprehensive about learning to drive. Then I received a gift block of lessons with Alastair and how lucky I was! Alastair is the perfect instructor for anyone, he adapts to your learning style and no matter how nervous you are about driving he keeps you motivated with a positive attitude and never leaves you feeling like you re bad at driving. I managed to pass 1st time with Alastair and I have put it down to his calm and encouraging character, and would recommend him to everyone of all experience levels, thanks so much Alastair!

Jill in InvernessJill in Inverness
A fully deserved pass with just 5 minors after an "emotional roller coaster"
So true! Thank you Alastair, your patience and support was nothing short of amazing. Definitely the hardest journey for me so far, and your counselling skills got me there. Thank you and folks if you need an instructor, he's your guy - patience of a saint!

Mattie from MunlochyMattie from Munlochy
1st time pass with only 3 minors in Inverness
I found Alastair very helpful and calm while I was learning to drive. I could definitely recommend him to a friend who wanted to drive with little hassle. It was definitely worth the money

Emma Johnson from MunlochyEmma Johnson from Munlochy
Passed 1st time with only 2 minors in Inverness
Alastair is a fantastic instructor and helped me pass 1st time with only 2 minors! He s calm, patient and encouraging and helped me so much over the months that he was my instructor. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you again Alastair!

Amanda from InvernessAmanda from Inverness
Passed despite the nerves
Amazing driving instructor, extremely patient and encouraging. He creates a friendly environment for learning. Alastair knows to make you feel at ease and helps you to build your confidence. He helped me (a complete novice with no previous experience) to pass my test in just 2 months. I would highly recommend him to anyone. AmandaπŸ˜€

Jenna from South UistJenna from South Uist
Passed 1st time with just 4 minors in Inverness
Alastair is a fantastic instructor he helped me pass 1st time with only 4 minors. He s calming, patient, friendly and very encouraging. I couldn't of passed without him. He helped me overcome my fears. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you once again I wouldn't be here without you Alastair πŸ˜€

Katie from MunlochyKatie from Munlochy
Passed 1st time in Alness
I started lessons with Alastair after switching from a different instructor who I had been with for months. This is the best decision I made. Alastair s calm and relaxed demeanour along with how he used teaching methods that suited me helped me feel more confident and less anxious behind the wheel.

After a few short months with Alastair I sat my test for the first time and passed!! I don't think I would have passed so soon if I didn't switch to Alastair, he is an amazing instructor and I would recommend him to anyone

Honorata GawronskaHonorata Gawronska
Passed 1st time in Inverness
Alastair is a brilliant instructor. He has always been professional, calm, friendly and punctual. Alastair really helped me with my confidence. He always made sure I fully understood everything. I couldn't of asked for a better instructor.

Skye from GlenelgSkye from Glenelg
Passed 1st time with only 2 minors in Inverness
Alastair was a fantastic instructor due to his patience, encouragement and his understanding. His active learning methods gave me confidence and encouragement as well as his sense of humour which helped me to relax. I would recommend Alastair to anyone!

Steve from KingussieSteve from Kingussie
Passed in Inverness with only 4 minors
Thanks so much man I wouldn't have done it without your help!!!

Lauren from North KessockLauren from North Kessock
Passed 1st time with only 4 minors
Alastair was a fantastic instructor to learn with. I started as a very nervous driver but he made me feel relaxed and calm. I would definitely recommend, thanks for everything!

Jennifer Andrews from InvernessJennifer Andrews from Inverness
After years of starting lessons and giving up, going through numerous instructors I finally found Alastair. He was fantastic, striving to find the best teaching methods to suit my needs. I was a very nervous driver and Alastair helped me overcome these nerves and become the 'driver in charge ". Alastair is patient and calm and I really believe I could not have done it without his help and support. I can not wait to get on the road and finally take my little girl to the beach and have many road trips. Thank you Alastair you are a true gem xxxx

Michelle Wilson from InvergordonMichelle Wilson from Invergordon
Passed 1st time pass at Alness test centre
After 15 yrs using public transport I decided it was time to learn to drive.

I was looking for either an intensive or semi-intensive course as I knew I would become bored doing only a couple of lessons a week.

I was lucky to find Alastair, who became my instructor. Within 4 weeks of starting my lessons I passed my test 1st time. I am sure this would not have happened if I didn t have Alastair as my instructor. Thank you for being patient and a calming influence

Mairi Skinner from North KessockMairi Skinner from North Kessock
Passed 1st time in Inverness
Alastair is a fantastic driving instructor who was always patient,friendly and encouraging which I really appreciated as a nervous driver. the lessons were made more effective by him matching his teaching to my learning style and the great resources on the LDC eebsite which I could read before lessons. Alastair is an incredible instructor who always went the extra mile and I would definitely recommend him. Thanks again Mairi

Tyler from CromartyTyler from Cromarty
Passed with just 4 minors in Alness
Finally managed to pass my test due to Alastair! It wasn't easy especially after failing two tests. I couldn't have done it without Alastair. Highly recommended, couldn't have hoped for a better instructor.

Fraser from BeaulyFraser from Beauly
Passed 1st time in Inverness with only 4 minors
Alastair is an excellent instructor. He's very friendly and easy to get on with. Would 100% recommend.

Lewis from North KessockLewis from North Kessock
Passed in Alness 1st time with only 3 minors
My learning experience was clear and easy to follow,well organised helping me to be aware and make safe decisions

Passed in Inverness with only 1 minor
Alastair is such an amazing instructor.....Not only was he focused on teaching me how to drive ( I was an absolute beginner) he also helped me to overcome two of my biggest fears, driving and tests. He was very patient and taught me all the great tips and skills I could have wished to be ready for my practical test. I could not thank him enough for all his help and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who s planning on learning to drive.

Andrew Chlad from StornowayAndrew Chlad from Stornoway
I was happy with LDC. But I was really happy with my instructor Alastair. He was my instructor for only a short time but he was a really nice relaxed person. Alastair was really supportive and always gave gentle feedback. And explaining things to detail. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

Gavin ReidGavin Reid
Alastair was a great driving instructor, very helpful and encouraged me a lot when I was doubting myself. He kept telling me I could do it. Best driving instructor I have been with.

Hector from CromartyHector from Cromarty
Passed with 2 minors in Alness
Alastair is a great driving instructor. He was especially great for me as I have dyslexia and he knew how to teach me in a very patient and professional manner, very cheery and helpful. All in all a really good experience and highly recommended

Nick from North KessockNick from North Kessock
Passed in Alness
Alastair is a very knowledgeable instructor patient and encouraging. He is both observant and intelligent with his instruction, helping to develop me into a confident, competent and safe driver.

Dominic from AvochDominic from Avoch
Passed 1st time with only 4 minors in Inverness
With Alastair s help I passed my test 1st time in under 5 months. I appreciated his calm and methodical professionalism and his ability to match his teaching style to my learning style. I would highly recommend him to others.

Lewis PirieLewis Pirie
Passed in Inverness with only 2 minors
I found Alastair to be helpful and relaxed making my learning easier than my previous intense experience where my mistakes were highlighted. I also  found taking up the offer of 2 hour sessions worked well for me.

Anete from LatviaAnete from Latvia
Passed her Driving Test in Inverness
Thank you again can't imagine a better driving instructor. You learn me how to drive and even help me with my English hi hi. Two in one!  Will miss you

Peter MacDonaldPeter MacDonald
1st time pass at Inverness
I found Alastair an exceptional instructor, he was always calm and polite. I got the feeling he really wanted me to pass. I never had one lesson finished early and always got what was paid for. I would recommend Alastair to anyone

Abby MacGregor from MunlochyAbby MacGregor from Munlochy
Superb 1st time pass at Inverness.
My driving experience with Alastair was very enjoyable. He was calm and very encouraging. I found the LDC method of learning very practical as the step up between lessons was challenging but manageable to push my driving that little bit further each time. Thanks a lot Alastair

SJ from RosemarkieSJ from Rosemarkie
Passed with 5 minors in Inverness
Learning to drive with Alastair was a great experience. His teaching is effective because I was challenged to figure out how to do and fix things by myself rather than just following instructions which definitely helps your quality of driving. Very encouraging and would definitely recommend. Thanks again

Kirstie GlendinningKirstie Glendinning
Passed with 4 minors at Inverness
I just want to say thank you for everything......not only are you an amazing instructor but very friendly, patient and encouraging. To get me through my test and pass in just 1 month is outstanding! I can't thank you enough, all the best Kristie x

Charlie Alen from LairgCharlie Alen from Lairg
Passed at Inverness
The lessons are great with fantastic levels of variety. Alastair is the best teacher you can ask for. Thank you Alastair

Celine from HiltonCeline from Hilton
Passed at Inverness with 4 minors
Alastair was a fantastic instructor because he was very patient, relaxed and his methods of teaching were very effective. I would highly recommend Alastair as he is encouraging thro'out the whole process and by the time it came to my test I felt completely prepared and reassured. Thanks again for everything.

Graeme Bain from StrathpefferGraeme Bain from Strathpeffer
Passed at Alness with just 3 minors
Alastair was great,very patient and understanding couldn't ask for a better instructor, will be recommending him to everyone I know. Thanks Alastair

Dr Simon BothwellDr Simon Bothwell
1st time pass with only 3 minors at Inverness
Thanks for your help learning to drive, you were very patient.

Jamie MacGregor from MunlochyJamie MacGregor from Munlochy
Passed 1st time at Inverness
From the first lesson I asked how long it would be until I sat my test and the reply was simply "we will see how you get on". Well with Alastair using LDC system I learnt pretty quickly and now here I am having passed my test 1st time, thanks Alastair

Peta Koczy from KirkhillPeta Koczy from Kirkhill
Passed her test in Inverness
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Alastair from LDC. He was totally supportive and relaxed. I returned to driving lacking confidence after failing my last test. Alastair gave me the confidence to feel I could drive safely and pass my test.

Reece MacleodReece Macleod
Passed 1st time
Thanks for all your help. You were a great instructor, especially since you managed to get me to pass 1st time. Just bought myself my first car as well! Thanks Reece

Shaun FinlaysonShaun Finlayson
Passed with only 1 minor at Inverness Test Centre
Alastair is a fantastic instructor, he is calm, patient and ensures you are condident with all aspects of the driving test. The LDC workbook was an added bonus and was great for home revision and fine tuning many aspects of driving

Catherine MackayCatherine Mackay
Passed at Inverness
Thank you Alastair for teaching me to drive. I was fortunate to have you as my teacher. I booked a course with LDC as I felt that their method of teaching was suitable for a nervous, anxious, low confident 50 year old. I chose well, knowing after the 1st lesson with you as my tutor there was no reason I could not pass my test. You were always punctual, courteous, professional and very patient. You allowed me to gain confidence, despite often " flying by the seat of my pants". You encouraged, supported me tbrough all my lessons, which I came to enjoy. I can strongly recommend you and the LDC style of coaching for anyone wanting to pass their test. You are a fantastic driving instructor. The method of learning suited me, and you were always approachable with my questions as to why and how. I will not forget my " tyre thread query". Thanks again Alastair you have given me my freedom and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincere thanks and all best wishes, Catherine

Willie HailstonesWillie Hailstones
1st time pass at Alness test centre
We (meaning my wife) decided at 55 years of age, after being a passenger for so long, it was time for me to learn to drive. People associate learners with young people so imagine how it feels for the oldies! I decided, after research, on the LDC system as it offered a structured route with visual and written aids. I got lucky with Alastair as my instructor. His undoubted enthusiasm and constant patience meant the whole lesson was a learning experience. I can honestly say that this was the main reason I passed in such a short space of time. I wasn t an occasional driver until Easter Saturday and hadn t driven for over 20 years. True testament to Alastair s technique. First Class.

Donald Morrison from Ness, Isle of LewisDonald Morrison from Ness, Isle of Lewis
Passed at Alness test centre
I started the 1 week LDC Driving course with some trepidation as I'm an island boy driving on the mainland. However I needn't have worried, with Alastair as my instructor, I was in excellent hands. He moulded me into a driver capable of passing my test and driving safely afterward. This is especially true in terms of my awareness and, most of all, the dreaded roundabouts.

TJ GibsonTJ Gibson
Passed at Inverness
Alastair was good to go with as he explains everything well using the LDC System. He helped through the whole process of me passing from theory to my test. I highly recommend going with him as he helped me pass first time

Passed at Inverness with 3 minors
I would highly recommend Alastair to any learner driver, his calm and assured tutoring was priceless and it really improved my confidence on the road. He is a credit to LDC. Alastair was always punctual and made the lessons enjoyable and stress free. The progress was swift and I was able to pass in 5 months while becoming a safe and sensible driver

Passed at Inverness
Alastair s endless patience, support and huge experience helped turn this stubborn pupil into a 1st time pass on less than 40hrs! Thanks for everything. I couldn't have got a better start to driving.

Calum SkinnerCalum Skinner
My name is Calum Skinner age 19. I started to drive with Alastair back in early Oct with very little experience passing my test on Jan 26th in Inverness. He was a great instructor,relaxed,confident and helpful. He was supportive through the whole process including the theory part of the test. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Alastair

Allan from NairnAllan from Nairn
1st Time Pass
With every lesson I did with Alastair I saw an improvement in my driving skills and knowledge of the road. I found his training technique very positive and calm when it s needed. I would highly recommend Alastair for people in need of driving lessons. The 41 hours I did were great value for money

Passed test at Alness test centre
Alastair was a fantastic driving instructor. He was very patient and he made learning to drive a pleasure. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who asked because of his professional and calm teaching methods. Thanks once again Alastair & best wishes for the future

Passed on 1st attempt
I found the LDC driver training with Alastair very enjoyable, feeling confident and relaxed after a short number of lessons. He provided a good learning environment.

Testimonial from a pleased dad who'd sent his son for some intensive driving lessons in Inverness while at college here prior to his test booked over in Kyle of Lochalsh with his regular instructor but needed town experience and ironing out a few things in preparation for his test.

"Hi Alastair. I just wanted to let you know that Daniel passed his driving test this afternoon and I put it down to the 4 nights of lessons so thank you very much for that. One very satisfied customer. Kenny."